The Queen has Spoken! The National Honey Board Announces its 2022 Queen's Choice Award Winners

The Queen has Spoken!

These are the best new food and beverage products made with honey. Each of these products earned a Queen’s Choice Award for showcasing the versatility of honey as a sweetener, flavor, functional ingredient and marketing advantage.

Honey Lavender Oatmilk Latte, Verve Coffee Roasters

Honey provides a source of pure energy and sweetness in this oatmilk flashed brewed latte in a can. Coffee sourced from Ethiopia and Southern Colombia results in a unique RTD latte with notes of honey, lavender, bakers’ chocolate and hazelnut. Further, it's approachable coffee for a cause: a portion of sales support Save the Bees, a nonprofit organization that increases awareness of honey bees’ critical role in our food supply.

Infused Honey with Hot Chili, Heinz 57

Heinz 57 took the mainstream condiment world by storm with its introduction of Infused Honey with Hot Chili. Honey is the first ingredient in this squeezable sauce mixed with cayenne pepper and chili pepper extract.

Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter, A.M. RXBAR

RXBAR’s sweetened-with-honey food bars have consistently been a National Honey Board favorite, due to the display of minimal ingredients on the front of the package. A.M. Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter is marketed as a morning meal with the help of honey’s all-natural energy boost. The clean label transparency — honey, egg whites, oats, peanuts — tells consumers exactly what they’re going to get.

Mary’s Gone Kookies, Mary’s Gone Crackers

Honey enhances the cinnamon and chocolate flavors in the Honey Kookie, making for a permissible indulgence in an ingredient that snack lovers can both recognize and feel good about eating.

Honey Cheerios for Schools, General Mills

General Mills took its popular Honey Nut Cheerios and removed the allergens to make a school-friendly version of one of the top-selling cereals in the United States. The iconic kid-friendly BuzzBee adorns the ready-to-eat cereal packaging designed exclusively for K-12 schools.

Sweet Thins Honey Cinnamon, Simple Mills

Simple Mills Sweet Thins made a big splash in the food industry for using watermelon seed flour to create a bakery food highlighting the benefits of regenerative agriculture. Honey complements the product’s unique formula perfectly, providing a familiar flavor in an unfamiliar ingredient list.

Honey Green Just Ice Tea, Eat the Change

Just Ice Tea, an RTD organic ice tea brand from the founders of Honest Tea, has big plans to fill the void left by the departure of Honest Tea from supermarket shelves. The company’s Honey Green Tea was launched this year with a big nod to the power of honey imagery in packaging.

Honey Glazed Carrots with Sage Butter, Green Giant Restaurant Style

Green Giant’s new Honey Glazed Carrots with Sage Butter showcases how to elevate a meal with a chef-created, restaurant-inspired side dish that is ready to eat in just minutes.

Frozen Yoghurt Gelato, Noosa

Noosa’s Frozen Yoghurt Gelato Honey Vanilla Bean is the latest from the honey-loving company that continues to spread the message that real ingredients can indeed make a guilt-free dairy dessert. This exceptional product features the flavors of wildflower honey and real vanilla bean.

Turkey Bites — Honey Mustard, Gone Rogue Snacks

Gone Rogue’s Honey Mustard Turkey Bites bring a familiar condiment flavor to the meat snack aisle, complete with an iconic honey dipper graphic on the front of the package.