From Honey Ramen to Honey-Roasted Chickpeas: How A Renowned Chef Reimagines Honey

Chef Rob Corliss showcases honey's versatility and provides recipe inspiration for any occasion

LONGMONT, Colo. (May 24, 2018) - Renowned Chef Rob Corliss has reimagined the ways that honey can be used - from coffee and brunch to dinner and on-the-go snacks - motivating everyone to be #InspiredByHoney. Corliss, a three-time James Beard House guest chef, has created 10 imaginative recipes and more than 20 tips that encourage anyone who loves to cook to bring honey out of the pantry to the countertop.

The secret ingredients to Corliss' dishes are his use of honey varietals, which derive flavor and color depending on where "the bees buzzed" - more specifically, which blossoms the bees visited while foraging. He also taps into emerging trends, as seen by his refreshing Almond Horchata Iced Coffee or savory Korean Honey Mushroom Tacos, Corliss draws inspiration from around the world to showcase the many flavors of honey. His Honey Roasted "Everything" Chickpeas provide plant-based protein on-the-go and crowd-pleasing spicy Jalapeño Honey Cheese Sliders bring an unexpected dose of heat to any brunch gathering. 

In addition to his recipes, Corliss has created honey-inspired tips that are applicable for everyone from cooking connoisseurs to kitchen novices. Corliss' tips include inspiration on creating trendy condiments, perfecting lavish cheese plates and using honey to bake, cook and roast your way to the perfect meal, allowing anyone to become the ultimate host. He even shares how to give an adults-only upgrade to a few of his honey-infused beverages. 

 "With more than 300 varietals in the U.S. alone, honey is the type of ingredient that deserves to be used in every type of dish," said Corliss. "By providing tips for every meal, I'm hoping to encourage anyone to pick up a jar and create the perfect sauce, dish or dessert to liven up any occasion, whether it's a summer block party or a quiet evening at home." 

With summer on the way, Corliss' tips are a surefire way to enhance picnics, BBQs and more:  

  • Instead of settling for standard mayonnaise on burgers and sandwiches, opt for a condiment that packs more of a punch. By combining mayonnaise, honey and smashed garlic, you'll create a balanced sauce that will give new life to classic summer favorites. 
  • If you're planning a wine and cheese night, take your cheese plate to the next level by drizzling orange blossom honey on the cheese. This honey varietal has a sweet, fruity taste that pairs well with favorites like Brie, goat cheese and Camembert. 
  • Looking to up your grill game this summer? Baste food with honey towards the end of grilling to accent the savory notes with robust sweetness and prevent scorching.

For more information about Rob Corliss and to learn more about his recipes and tips, visit and follow #InspiredByHoney on Facebook and Instagram.   

About Rob Corliss 

Rob Corliss is a renowned concept chef, three-time James Beard House guest chef and the founder of the culinary consulting company All Things Epicurean. Corliss began his culinary career after graduating cum laude from esteemed Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. After furthering his career at the Williamsburg Inn, White Hart Inn, Spring Creek Ranch and Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club, Corliss ventured into the world of food service marketing. His experiences in the restaurant industry and the marketing world encouraged him to start All Things Epicurean to encourage restaurants and schools to create healthy, delicious options for diners across the U.S. When Corliss isn't working, he's volunteering in his local Missouri community to teach others about the importance of sustainable food. 

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