Mixologists Shake It Up With Honey


FIRESTONE, CO. - Mari Mercedes and Bellarinha are light, sweet and sun-kissed. They're the honey creations of some of the country's best-known mixologists – the liquid chefs of the drink world – who have come together to create the freshest, splashiest cocktails of the season. Pablo Moix, Gabriel Orta and Junior Merino - also known as the Liquid Chef - are the Wolfgang Pucks of the cocktail world. And just in time for spring, they have partnered with the National Honey Board to create Latin-inspired cocktail recipes with one thing in common: 100% pure honey!

Mixology is the art of mixing cocktails and Pablo Moix of STK in Los Angeles, Junior Merino of Rayuela in New York and Gabriel Orta of The Florida Room in Miami are true cocktail artists. They agree that using honey gives their cocktails a unique, distinct taste, enhances the drink's color, and adds a certain oomph to their best-selling Spring cocktails.
"Honey blends perfectly with tequila, vodka and champagne, creating unlimited possibilities," says Pablo Moix, of STK in Los Angeles. "I am always looking for flavors that work great together. Honey is very mixable and adds a kick to each of my drinks."

Junior Merino, the Liquid Chef, asserts that honey adds a Zen quality to his drinks. "Balance and harmony are the essential qualities driving the artful execution of a cocktail and honey makes it possible. It gives an unexpected flavor that heightens the cocktail's complexion," says Merino. "Honey adds a distinguishing element that makes a memorable cocktail."
Honey's unique taste, aroma and color derive from the many different varieties of floral sources. Honey ranges from almost colorless to dark amber brown and its flavor varies from delectably mild to richly bold.
"Each type of 100% pure honey adds a unique flavor and quality to the cocktail it enhances," says Bruce Wolk, Director of Marketing, National Honey Board. "The wide varieties of honey available on the market allow for endless possibilities when mixing cocktails."

So when it's time to mix like the experts, be it a Jaime Molido, a Blossom Rita or Honey-ginger Caipirinha, remember these cocktails (and your bar) are not complete without honey!
Honey-infused signature drinks by Junior Merino, the Liquid Chef, Pablo Moix and Gabriel Orta can be found exclusively on http://www.mielpura.org.

About the National Honey Board

The National Honey Board is a federal research and promotion board under USDA oversight that conducts research, marketing and promotion programs to help maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for honey. The National Honey Board is not a regulatory agency nor does it have powers of enforcement. The ten-member board, appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, represents producers (beekeepers), packers, importers, and a marketing cooperative.

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