National Honey Board Works on Honey Purity Test


The National Honey Board (NHB) has contracted with two different laboratories to develop a test that could help to differentiate pure honey from honey pretenders.

"The National Honey Board believes honey pretenders have a negative impact on the honey industry," said Buddy Ashurst, NHB Chairman. "The industry can't compete with low-priced products misrepresented as honey. We need to improve on current tests or develop new tests."

After conducting an extensive survey of food testing laboratories in 2010, the Board recently committed hundreds of thousands of dollars to this effort by contracting with the two laboratories. The goal is to have a simple, cost effective test that can widely be used by the honey industry, honey users and consumers to advance the image and marketability of honey.

The projects are intended to develop new procedures or improve upon current established testing procedures that could better the sensitivity, simplify, or lower the cost of currently accepted tests.
The Board is hopeful that these projects will be successful and provide the honey industry and honey users with additional, lower cost methods to ensure honey purity.

The National Honey Board conducts research, advertising and promotion programs to help maintain and expand markets for honey and honey products. These programs are funded by an assessment of one cent per pound on domestic and imported honey. The National Honey Board is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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