Everything Cucumber Chips

Everything Cucumber Chips

YIELD: Makes approx. 4 cups


1 cup - apple cider vinegar

1 cup - water

1/4 cup - honey

2 tsp. - kosher salt

2 - English (or 4 Kirby) cucumbers (about 4 cups), sliced 1/4" thick

2 T - Everything Spice mix, plus additional to taste


Whisk together the vinegar, water, honey, and salt until the salt and honey are dissolved, let cool.

Add the cucumbers and refrigerate for 15 minutes, strain the cucumbers.

Add the cucumbers and Everything Spice mix to a small bowl and toss together, serve cold alongside sandwiches or by themselves as a healthy crunchy treat.


You could add other vegetables like thinly sliced carrots, red pepper, and onion slivers to the cucumber mixture for a colorful crunchy appetizer or snack.