Fruit Food Board with Honey-Spiked Cream Cheese

Fruit Food Board with Honey-Spiked Cream Cheese

YIELD: Make 6 to 8 servings


For Honey-Spiked Cream Cheese:

1 cup - whipped cream cheese

4 T - lavender honey (blueberry or wildflower honey can be used)

3 T - chopped pistachios

For Fruit Board:

2 cups - whole strawberries

1 cup - cherries

1 - mango, sliced

1 - Granny Smith apple, sliced

1 - dragon fruit, sliced (optional)

1/2 - pineapple, cut into wedges

whole grain pretzel twists

mini rice cakes


In a small bowl, combine cream cheese and honey and whisk well. Transfer to a serving bowl, top with chopped pistachios and an extra drizzle of honey.

Arrange all ingredients on the board as desired.

Recipe courtesy of registered dietitian Dana Angelo White, made for the National Honey Board


Feel free to substitute other fresh, seasonal fruits that are easy to dip.

If lavender is not in stock at your local grocery store, blueberry and wildflower honey varietals can be used in the cream cheese.