Honey Rhubarb Soda

Honey Rhubarb Soda

YIELD: Makes 12 large glasses


For Mix:

16 oz. - honey

1/2 oz. - coriander, toasted

8 oz. - rhubarb, cleaned, cut in to chunks

For Assembly:

2 oz. - mix

1 1/2 oz. - lemon juice, fresh


4 oz. - sparkling water

8 - lemon wedges, garnish


MIX: In a medium sauce pan and over medium heat, toast coriander seeds until golden brown. Add the rhubarb and warm until you hear a sizzle in the pan. Add Honey and continue to heat until the mixture is just warmed through. Remove from heat and let sit until cooled.

Once cooled and using a blender, puree well and strain.

For portioned beverage: In a large collins glass, combine honey mix and fresh lemon juice. FIll glass with crushed ice. Top with sparkling water, stir well. Garnish glass and serve.