Jalapeno Honey Glazed Chicken Breast

Jalapeno Honey Glazed Chicken Breast

YIELD: Makes 5 servings


1 1/2 lb. - chicken breast, skinless

pinch - salt

pinch - pepper, ground

1/4 oz. - jalapeno peppers

1 oz. - white onions

1 tsp. - vegetable oil

1 T - white cooking wine

2 T - white clover honey


PRE-PREP: Seed and stem jalapeno

Mince jalapenos and onions, in a small kettle saute pepper and onions in oil and add white wine, reduce until almost dry, blend in honey, reserve.

Season chicken with salt and pepper and mark on grill.

Place in sheet pan and glaze with honey mixture, finish in 350°F oven, brush with more glaze until it reaches 165°F.

Transfer to hotel pan and top with the resereved glaze, serve.