Enjoy The Ultimate Brunch On A Time Crunch with Tips and Recipes From Registered Dietitian Dana Angelo White

Honey Variety 2

Registered dietitian Dana Angelo White loves creating a honey-inspired brunch with family and friends—but as a busy mom, she knows it can be tough to make the ultimate brunch while juggling morning routines! White has partnered with the National Honey Board to create five recipes that will elevate any brunch—no matter how time-crunched you might be! From a trendy food board with lavender honey to lightened-up versions of brunch staples like biscuits and pancakes, White’s delicious and easy recipes will please any crowd.

In addition to her recipes, White shares her secrets for the best brunch ever—whether it’s a quick meal for the family or a brunch for twenty!   

  • Cooking for a crowd? Try an oatmeal bar! Make a large batch of oatmeal in your slow cooker or Instant Pot and serve with a variety of sweet and savory toppings such as honey, fresh berries, chopped nuts, granola, grated cheese, fresh herbs and sundried tomatoes.
  • If you love muffins, biscuits and other pastries as part of your brunch spread but don’t want to wake up early to bake, make them ahead and store in the freezer. Reheat in a warm oven for that freshly-baked toastiness. This even works with pancakes!
  • Kids coming to brunch? Create a hands-on activity to keep them busy. Set up a napkin decorating station, bracelet making table or a build your own yogurt “sundae” bar.
  • Make a signature drink to serve with brunch! Try iced green tea with a drizzle of honey and chunks of fresh peach or sparkling water with fresh mint and lime wedges.