Finding Gratitude: How to Make your Thanksgiving Bright

Honey Cornbread Stuffing Final
Honey Cornbread Stuffing

The holiday season is upon us, and while this year's gatherings are going to look a bit different, it's still a great time to reflect on all of the things we have to be thankful for. Perhaps this year forced you to pick up some good habits, like keeping in better touch with family and friends, cooking more meals at home together, or even finally getting around to cleaning out that closet and donating items you no longer need or use to those in need of them. As we move into this new season, we encourage you to not lose sight of all the good that has come out of this crazy year. 

While we may not be able to gather as we’d like, we can still enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast, but if you find yourself struggling with adjusting your holiday menu, we’re here to help! Whether you're just making smaller portions or being more selective about the dishes hitting your table, you can be sure that with honey you are in for one tasty celebration.

Just because your gathering is smaller doesn't mean you have to sacrifice tradition. Our Herbed Turkey Breast only requires a handful of ingredients - honey, orange juice, butter, herbs and spices - and one hour to deliver big-time Thanksgiving flavor!

Of course, no Thanksgiving feast would be complete without the side dishes, and our five-ingredient Candied Yams is one of our favorites. Honey not only adds just the right touch of sweetness, but it also brings balance to let the winter vegetable truly shine!

Looking to mix up the perfect holiday cocktail? Honey has your back! Not only does it impart unique flavor, but it also balances and enhances the flavor profiles of other ingredients to bring balance to even the most complex cocktails. Try it out this holiday season in our Pomegranate Cider Bourbon Splash!

And you can’t wrap up this day without dessert! Whether you’re team pumpkin pie or the dessert as American as the holiday, you can’t go wrong with our Honey Cream Pumpkin Pie or Queen Bee Apple Pie.

Looking for more Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out our favorite recipes and best cooking-with-honey tips here.

We love to hear from you! What are your holiday plans this year? Tell us in the comments below.

We hope that despite the weird year everyone finds a reason to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!