10 Kid-Friendly Recipes to Get the Family Cooking!

Kids in the Kitchen

To a lot of us, it feels like we have been in our homes for a lifetime and it may be getting hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us have figured out our new routines while others are still getting adjusted; whatever camp you’re in, we want to help.

Over the last few weeks, we have scoured the internet and shared tips for taking care of ourselves and others during this chaotic time, and we really hope that you are finding them helpful. If you have missed any of our previous blog posts, be sure to check them out to get some of our favorite tips on:

This week we want to encourage one of our favorite family activities – cooking! We believe that few things bring people together quite like food and the experience of cooking together. How many of you have a treasured memory of being in the kitchen with your parents or grandparents? Now is the perfect time to create those memories with your own children!

Bringing the kids into the kitchen allows them to learn more about the food they eat – like where ingredients come from, their benefits, flavors and how to prepare them for some of their favorite dishes – these are lifelong skills that they will take with them as they grow and build their own homes. 

Today we’re sharing 10 kid-friendly recipes, so grab the kiddos and the aprons and get cooking!

Have a favorite recipe to make with your kids? Tell us about it in the comments!