The delicious, unique flavor and natural sweetness of honey is the perfect complement to so many foods and usage occasions! And consumers are even more likely to purchase and consume honey when they understand more about how honey is made, who is responsible for keeping honey bees healthy and how honey bees are vital to sustaining the world’s food supply. Retailers can spur incremental sales by educating their shoppers on honey’s distinction as a natural sweetener with a wonderful sustainability story. 

In fact, honey bees are responsible for pollinating one-third of the world’s food supply, including many fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices. Without them, there’s no honey in our tea, almond butter for our sandwiches, avocados for our guacamole, cinnamon in our latte or apples to make a pie. If it weren’t for important pollinators like honey bees, grocery store aisles, refrigerators and pantries would look a whole lot different. Beekeepers are the crucial link in this process, responsibly harvesting honey from their hives while also caring for the bees to ensure their health.

The National Honey Board provides a wide range of information and educational resources that retailers can use in boosting their honey sales. Consumers find the “story of honey” fascinating, and retailers who communicate this information to their shoppers will see their efforts rewarded!