The delicious, unique flavor and natural sweetness of honey is a welcome addition to so many foods! Retailers can spur incremental sales with honey promotions that inspire shoppers, suggesting new usage ideas or relevant pairings. For example, honey is a natural with Beverages, any season of the year. Honey is commonly added to hot tea and increasingly being used in coffee, and these beverages are enjoyed throughout the year. But honey is also a great addition to many summertime beverages, such as iced teas and all-natural lemonades.

73% of honey usage occurs during the Morning daypart, so honey is a great partner to promote throughout the year with breakfast-themed products such as breads, muffins, bagels and hot cereals. In addition, honey is the secret ingredient for making incredible Smoothies, and secondary placements of honey near yogurt and fresh fruit will yield incremental sales throughout the warmer months and all year long.

Honey is increasingly used as a natural sweetener in Baking with its unique flavor and other positive qualities. While baking takes place all year long, the pronounced spike in baking activity around the holidays and during the Easter/Mother’s Day period create strong merchandising and promotional opportunities. And since honey is a standout with many Desserts – even something as simple as drizzling honey over ice cream – it’s a great reason to promote honey any season of the year.

Grilling is a favorite summertime activity, and honey can be used to make so many wonderful sauces, marinades and glazes. Retailers can cross-merchandise honey during the warm weather months with grilling meats and other barbeque foods to really get their sales cooking!