10 Honey Beverages to Warm the Season

November officially marks the beginning of the holiday season, and we are seeing it everywhere. In stores the Jack-o-lanterns have been put away and replaced with scenes of frosted windows, snow-covered trees, and warm moments enjoyed by the fire. The music has turned festive, the lights and wreaths have made their way to the surface, and coffee shops across the country have even brought out their much-anticipated holiday menus. Pretty soon it will be time for holiday parades and parties, and you ask yourself, “where has the year gone?”

While our televisions’ constant reminder of the quickly approaching shopping season may have us feeling a bit like a certain beloved green and hairy character – “Tomorrow is Christmas. It’s practically here!” – it is important to slow down and enjoy the season. Sure, the temperatures have plummeted, but is there anything better than waking up on a frosty morning, brewing your favorite hot beverage in your favorite mug and taking in the sight of freshly fallen snow as the world fades away? These are the moments that make this season so wonderful.

To make your holiday season a little sweeter, we have 10 beautiful honey beverages to keep you warm as you gear up for all the fun this season brings. From hot cocoa to hot toddy, honey brings warmth and sweetness to every day.