Make Honey your Game Day Champion

Honey Variety 2

The big game is here again and it's got sports fans across the country buzzing. Super Bowl LIII goes down on February 3rd and will determine the National Football League's (NFL) champion team for the 2018-2019 season, and so many questions will be answered. Will the underdog Rams take it all? Will this be Tom Brady's last game? Will Maroon 5 perform the best halftime show we've seen to date?

Whether or not your team is in the big game, it will be especially interesting when you consider the history and the records broken - Tom Brady will be the oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl (although he technically broke that record when the Patriots faced off against the Eagles in 2018) and Sean McVay is officially the youngest coach to lead a team to the Super Bowl with his Los Angeles Rams (McVay will turn 33 just before the big game).

The Patriots have been to nine Super Bowls since Tom Brady joined the team in 2001 and have earned five championship rings. The Rams, on the other hand, have been to four Super Bowls, won three (while representing three different cities, the only team in NFL history to do so) and this will be their first trip back since relocating back to L.A. in 2016.

But it's not just about the game, or the coaches or the players. What makes the Super Bowl great for viewers is the experience of it all - the atmosphere you create when you bring good friends together with great food. That's right, this is a holiday for food, and we've got our top game day recipes that will show you how to score big this weekend with honey!

Believe it or not, honey can really take it to the house when it comes to entertaining. In addition to being a delicious sweetener, honey is also an ideal emulsifier and flavor balancer in marinades, dips and sips. From sweet and spicy wings to savory sliders, honey takes your favorite eats to the next level.

Will you be tuning into the big game this weekend? Will you be attending a Super Bowl party with all the good eats? Do you have a go-to game day recipe? We'd love to hear all about your big game plans in the comments below!