Commercial Item Description

The USDA released its approved Honey Commercial Item Description (CID) on October 23, 2019. This CID (A-A-20380) covers honey, packed in commercially acceptable containers, suitable for use and under inspection or surveillance by federal, state, local governments, and other interested parties. Guidelines include:

  • Type(s), source(s), floral source(s), preparation(s), color(s), grade(s), and agricultural practice(s) of the honey desired
  • Analytical and authenticity tests to be performed
  • When analytical requirements are different than specified
  • When compliance with analytical requirements must be verified
  • When emerging analytical methods for economic adulteration are to be performed
  • When analytical testing for residues are to be performed
  • Manufacturer’s/distributor’s certification or USDA certification

The CID is an important step in the industry’s continued efforts to ensure the purity and quality of the honey sold in the U.S.

Click here to download the full Honey Commercial Item Description.