Grab Your Basket, Honey, We’re Picnicking!

Picnic Spread

It’s a pastime as beloved as summer itself – the picnic. Did you know that July is National Picnic Month? According to the good people at National Today, National Picnic Month was established by the American Bakers’ Association in 1952, as a way to celebrate the long-standing activity and how it brings family, friends, communities, and even cultures together (you can learn all kinds of fun picnic history here). And what a time to celebrate too! There’s no shortage of sunshine and warm weather, the flowers are all in bloom, the kids are out of school – conditions are perfect.

Picnics are great, aren’t they? There are few things better than pulling up to your favorite park, laying out a blanket and cracking open a simple basket with delicious treats inside. And there are all kinds of picnics - family picnics, holiday picnics, community picnics, and even company picnics; we sure do love picnics. While the crowds at these various picnics always vary, one thing never does and that is that all picnics are centered around food, and not the messy, complex stuff, oh no, we’re talking the simple, minimal-mess eats.

Because picnic food is meant to be portable and great for on-the-go, and because honey makes every occasion sweeter, we’ve pulled together our top 10 favorite honey-inspired picnic recipes for you to try at your next outing. From skewers and salads to sandwiches and drinks, these recipes are not only easy to assemble at home and take on the road (and require little to no cook time once you reach your favorite outdoor destination), but are also great for adults and kids alike.

Now honey, it’s time to dust off the basket and lay out the blanket, we’re going on a picnic! Want to make your picnicking even easier? Check out these 14 picnic hacks from Brit + Co!

Do you have a favorite picnic recipe? We’d love to hear it! Sound off in the comments below.